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As we produce and trade in a relatively small, high value product, security is understandably a high priority in the diamond industry.

However, the effect of crime, which includes illegitimate diamond mining and theft of diamonds and property, extends its reach far beyond the monetary loss associated with these actions, to the impact it has on the respective operations, the personal and job security of employees, and the communities who benefit from the mining of diamonds.

We therefore place a high premium on maintaining and continuing to develop an effective and appropriate security capability in order to protect our people, property and product in the interest of good governance and sustaining a profitable business. Our security systems also play an indispensable role in giving effect to Petra’s upholding and protection of human rights.

Our security capability consists of both human and technological components, which are deployed in such a way as to best achieve the stated security objectives.

To minimise the risk to our business of diamond theft, we focus on removing human contact with our product wherever possible. This is particularly effective in the automation of the recovery process (for example, the utilisation of x-ray techniques rather than traditional grease tables) and serves to remove compromising opportunities for theft.

The schematic below provides detail on Petra’s security management approach.  The Group’s Security Strategy is under continuous review in order to adapt to an ever-evolving security threat.