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Corporate Governance

High standards of corporate governance are considered essential to the effective management and long-term sustainability of our business

We are committed to upholding not only the levels of corporate governance we have maintained to date, but also to further developing and implementing governance best practice right down through the organisation, in line with Petra’s increasing size and stature.

Petra is not subject to a code of corporate governance in its country of incorporation, Bermuda. However, as a Main Market listed company, Petra is required to comply with the UK Corporate Governance Code or to explain why it has not complied in certain areas in its annual report and accounts.

Petra’s 2022 Corporate Governance Statement

Bye-laws of Petra Diamonds Limited

Petra’s governance structure is as follows:

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whistleblowing hotline

If you are aware of any breaches to the Code of Ethical Conduct or the Anti-Bribery Policy, contact can be made anonymously with us at or on our confidential hotline:

South Africa:
0800 007 247
+27 31 571 5573

800 780 026

Fax: +27 31 560 7395

Post: KZ 138, Umhlanga Rocks, 4320