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Why Invest?

Petra’s strategy will deliver revenue and cashflow growth over the long term, thereby providing value for all stakeholders

With a strong growth profile, a diversified asset base of producing mines (including Cullinan, a Tier 1 asset by resource size), and an experienced management team, Petra offers a unique and high quality investment opportunity, providing direct exposure to late cycle diamonds.

Petra’s strategy is to focus on value rather than volume production by optimising recoveries from its assets in order to maximise their efficiency and profitability. As the Company nears the end of a long phase of capital-intensive mine development, it is set to enter a new era of steady state production and sustainable cash generation.

The Group has a significant resource base of ca. 250 million carats, which supports the potential for long-life operations, and is one of the few mid-tier diamond producers to offer a significant and growing production profile. This  places the Company in a strong position to benefit from the positive long-term fundamentals for the diamond industry, where demand is forecast to outpace supply.

Petra conducts all operations according to the highest ethical standards and will only operate in countries which are members of the Kimberley Process. The Company aims to generate tangible value for each of its stakeholders, thereby contributing to the socio-economic development of its host countries and supporting long-term sustainable operations to the benefit of its employees, partners and communities.

See Petra’s strategy here.

Petra’s key competitive strengths are:


Operational track record

The Group has built a team with great depth of experience in the management of diamond mining operations, particularly underground operations, as well as expertise operating in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Diversified portfolio

The Group’s portfolio consists of four producing diamond mines as well as extensive tailings retreatment programmes, which provides flexibility ensuring that Petra is not overly reliant on the performance of any one operation.

Major resource base

Petra has developed a major diamond resource totalling ca.250 million carats. The careful management of these resources will ensure sustainable, long-life mining operations for the Group for many years to come.


Our people are our most important asset as they are tasked with carrying out our strategy. Creating a supportive and rewarding environment in which people can develop their full potential benefits both the individual and Petra, and we invest substantially in the ongoing development of our skills base.

Focus on efficiencies

Generating operational efficiencies is core to the Group’s approach. This is achieved by decentralising operations, simplifying management structures and sharing services across mines, maintaining disciplined on-site and corporate cost control and designing efficiencies with regards to ore-handling and processing into our expansion programmes.

Management culture

Petra fosters a culture where management is empowered to make decisions suitable to the relevant operations and where innovation and creativity in the workplace is encouraged and rewarded. The ability to apply fresh thinking to our assets and a core objective to keep things simple are also key strengths.

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