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The Petra Education Pipeline

Case Study: Petra's education pipeline in action

Sibusiso Mathabela is a professional driven employee with a vision, who used Petra Diamonds’ educational pipeline to the benefit of advancing his career and growing as a person.

Sibusiso started at Cullinan Diamond Mine (“CDM”) as a Multi-Operator (B3) in 2004 with grade 12 as his highest qualification. He decided to enrol part-time at the University of South Africa (“UNISA”) in 2006 to obtain his National Diploma: Mining Engineering, which he completed in 2012.

Sibusiso was then selected for the Leadership Development programme (Senior Pool) in 2010 where he achieved the Higher Certificate in Management Development. As part of his technical training, conducted under the umbrella of the LDP, he got an opportunity to start the Learner Miner programme in 2013 and completed this in 2014 whereafter he was appointed as a Development Miner.

In 2015, Petra offered a full-time bursary, which Sibusiso successfully applied for. He completed his Btech: Mining Engineering degree at the University of Johannesburg after which he entered the Company’s internship programme for Trainee Mining Engineers.

Whilst attending this programme he also achieved his Mine Overseers Certificate of Competence and was subsequently appointed as a Shiftboss (Development Section) until 2018, when he became Acting Mine Overseer until April 2020.

In May 2021, Sibusiso was appointed as Mining Engineer (Technical Services). Using the various components of the Petra Diamonds Education pipeline (LDP, learnership, bursary, internship) he successfully progressed from a semi-skilled position to a professionally qualified middle manager.

Sibusiso says that hard work and commitment was the only way he could have done it. “The biggest challenge was having to juggle between personal life, studies and work. Being a hard worker, discipline, commitment and patience helped me in developing and cultivating habits such as reading, taking timely action, networking and remaining positive under adverse conditions”.