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Our HSSE Committee

Our Health, Safety, Social and Environmental (“HSSE”) Committee is Board-represented by CEO Richard Duffy as Chairman of the Committee, and is comprised of members of Petra’s Senior Management team. It meets formally at least twice a year and otherwise as required.

Download the HSSE Committee Charter

The role of the HSSE Committee is to:

  • oversee the development of policies and guidelines for the management of health, safety, social and environmental aspects within the Group’s operation;
  • to evaluate the effectiveness of the Group’s policies and systems for identifying and managing HSSE risks;
  • assess the policies and systems within the Group to ensure compliance;
  • assess the performance of the Group with regards to the impact of HSSE decisions and actions on employees, communities and stakeholders, as well as the impact on the Group’s reputation;
  • receive reports from management concerning any fatalities, serious accidents and major environmental incidents within the Group and review the actions taken by management;
  • oversee the integrity and quality of HSSE reporting to any external party;
  • review the results of any independent audits on the Group’s HSSE compliance and performance matters;
  • review any strategies and action plans compiled by management in response to issues raised by the Board;
  • inform the Board of evolving HSSE best practices, any governance and regulatory changes; and
  • where appropriate report to the Board on any material aspects above that could have a significant negative impact on the Group.