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DPA Member Commitment

As a member of the DPA, we are committed to demonstrating our corporate social responsbility

The members of the Diamond Producers Association are well-established mining companies which collectively extract the vast majority of all diamonds on the market today. They are committed to extracting diamonds from the earth and bringing them to consumers in a way that demonstrates an utmost respect for their employees’ health and safety, the well-being and betterment of local populations, and the preservation of the environment in which they operate.

As a member of the DPA, we are committed to high standards of integrity and responsibility in all aspects of our business and all activities of the diamond value chain from mine to consumer. DPA member sustainability commitments are as follows:

  • We conduct our business with integrity, ethics and high standards of corporate governance.
  • We promote and encourage responsible business practices throughout the diamond supply chain.
  • We comply fully with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and the World Diamond Council System of Warranties.
  • We support transparency in the way we conduct our business and report payments made to governments in accordance with applicable legal requirements.
  • We respect fundamental human rights and observe the UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights.
  • We respect the cultures, customs and values of others with whom we engage, including our employees, contractors and the local communities around our operations.
  • We seek to further the economic, social and institutional development of communities where we operate.
  • We seek to protect the well-being of our employees by implementing robust health and safety practices in a culture of continual improvement.
  • We seek to prevent or otherwise minimise or mitigate and remediate our impacts to the environment and support the conservation of biodiversity, and continually seek to improve our environmental performance.