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Women in Mining

Women in mining

Petra is committed to encouraging women in mining by actively appointing women at all levels of the business, and developing women to fill more senior positions.

In FY 2022, 46% (FY 2021: 39%) of our interns, 30% (FY 2021: 36%) of our engineering learnerships, 44% (FY 2021: 44%) of our mining learnerships, 67% (FY 2021: 75%) of our bursary students, 50% (FY 2021: 55%) of employees attending the management development programme in FY 2022 were female.

In FY 2022, Petra continued its Women in Mining (WiM) Committees at each operation. The WiM committees’ charter aim to create a safe and respectful workplace culture for all women in Petra. Our WiM committees aim to review Company policies and procedures, attract and retain female representation, provide input and recommendations to management on issues relating to women. Chairpersons of the WiM Committees at each operation are invited to attend Petra’s WiL committee meeting to report on any material issues. The Group health and safety manager is a member of the WiL committee and provides updates and feedback on the activities of the WiM committees. The WiL Committee’s five focus areas are tabled below:

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