Women in Mining

Women in mining

Petra recognises the benefits of a diverse workforce and actively encourages women at all levels of the business.

Our aim is to afford women the appropriate training, development and attention to progress within the organisation across all job levels. Petra has a number of initiatives which focus on progressing the development of women into managerial positions, such as the Leadership Development Programme. In FY 2016, 43% of the Company’s intern positions were held by women, while 58% of the Company’s scholarship positions are filled by girls from local schools.

To support the development of women, Petra formed a Women in Mining (“WIM”) Committee in FY 2015, with the aim of creating a platform at Petra’s South African operations to share experiences, identify challenges in the workplace and to promote development opportunities. The WIM Committee is tasked with reviewing Company policies and procedures, with the goal of attracting and retaining female representation in the Group, as well as providing input and recommendations to management on issues relating to and impacting women. The Committee meets quarterly and provides feedback to the Health, Safety, Environment and Quality steering committee.

Short-term goals of the WIM Committee include reviewing and improving hygiene facilities and personal protective equipment (“PPE”) at Petra’s mines, increasing awareness of women’s health issues, and educating female employees on hygiene and health and safety issues.

Longer-term Committee goals include career development and talent management for WIM; hazard  identification and risk assessment specific to WIM; consideration of ergonomics and individual comfort features for PPE and other equipment used by WIM; the drafting of a WIM standard for the Petra Group (as well as mine specific standards); and a review of all relevant procedures across the Group, such as those relating to change management and PPE.

WOMEN IN MINING achievements in 2016

Petra’s WIM Committee made progress towards its short- and long-term goals in 2016. These achievements include:

  • Implementation of a Women in Mining policy
  • Drafted and implemented MCOP1, which is currently being enforced at all South African operations.
  • Testing, to ensure PPE is appropriate for WIM, has been conducted and new standards agreed upon across all South African operations.
  • Implementation of a training module specific to WIM, which includes the following:
    • historical background of WIM in the South African mining industry;
    • appropriate PPE specific to WIM;
    • health and wellness;
    • sexual harassment in the workplace;
    • pregnancy and breast feeding; and
    • general dress code.
  1. Mandatory Code of Practice (MCOP) pertains to the provision of PPE for women in the mining industry.