Equality & Diversity

Petra is an equal opportunity employer and our Code of Ethical Conduct, Disciplinary Code and employment policies expressly forbid any kind of unfair discrimination

We recognise diversity, encompassing people from a range of backgrounds, skills and perspectives, as a moral and business imperative, due to the benefits that well-managed diversity brings to all levels of an organisation.

From a regulatory perspective, established and functional Employment Equity Committees are in place at all of our South African mines in accordance with the Employment Equity Act, with membership drawn from employer and employee representatives. These Committees monitor the implementation of Employment Equity Plans, which detail the identified barriers to equitable employment and specify affirmative measures to be implemented by each operation.

Diversity management workshops were further rolled out to all the South African operations during FY 2016 as planned and we intend to continue to roll out more extensive diversity workshops during FY 2017. The aim is to raise awareness about issues pertaining to diversity and to empower management with skills to effectively deal with diversity matters.

Whilst not subject to the same regulation and legislation as the South African operations, the Williamson Mine in Tanzania has a policy to promote equal opportunity and to eliminate discrimination in the workplace.

During FY 2016, three cases relating to discrimination were raised by the trade union. Upon further investigation, the allegations were found to be related to misconceptions and Petra therefore was able to address the matters fully with the trade union concerned.


Gender diversity

Given the clear business case for gender diversity at all levels of the organisation, we are committed to encouraging women in mining and have a number of initiatives which focus on developing women into managerial positions.

Our aim is to afford women the appropriate training, development and attention to progress within the organisation across all job levels. Petra has a number of initiatives which focus on developing women into managerial positions, such as the LDP, which has since its inception focused on the advancement of women. Furthermore, 43% of the Company’s interns and 41% experiential trainees are women.

Williamson in Tanzania also applies affirmative action measures consistent with the promotion of women in mining, particularly during the recruitment process.

Petra formed a Women in Mining (“WIM”) Committee in FY 2015 with the aim of creating a platform for women at Petra’s South African operations to share experiences, identify challenges in the workplace and to promote development opportunities.

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Supporting people with disabilities

Petra formed a partnership to support the National Council for People with Physical Disabilities in Southern Africa (“NCPPDSA”) in FY 2014 and the the first initiative was to restore and reopen the Ikageng workshop in Kimberley. A car was also bought and modified for the specific requirements for people with disabilities to transport them between their homes and the workshop.

In FY 2015 we entered into a partnership with the NCPPDSA to create income-generating, self-employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for people with disabilities by establishing a glove-making factory at the workshop.

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