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Blocked Diamond Parcel

This page provides further information about the parcel of 71,654.54 carats from the Williamson mine in Tanzania, which is currently blocked from export.

Update on blocked Williamson parcel – published 19 January 2018


Diamond Valuation Certificate

This certificate was issued for the Williamson parcel by the Ministry of Energy and Minerals (Diamond and Gemstone Valuation Unit-TANSORT) in Tanzania. Note that the certificate refers to a ‘Provisional Value’ for the Williamson parcel, rather than a ‘Final Value’.

Kimberley Process Certificate

Further to the sealing of the parcel by the MEM (Ministry of Energy and Minerals) and the TMAA (Tanzania Minerals Audit Agency), a Kimberley Process certificate was issued on behalf of the United Republic of Tanzania by the  Commissioner for Minerals at the Central Western Zone Office in Tanzania.

Consignment Invoice

This is Petra’s consignment invoice which accompanies the parcel and confirms the conflict-free source of the diamonds. Note that the ‘Provisional Value’ and volume for the parcel matches those listed on the Diamond Valuation and Kimberley Process certificates. The invoice refers to seals by the TRA (Tanzania Revenue Authority) and the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania, as well as the Company’s own seals.

Company Receipts

Receipts confirming the Company’s payment of the provisional royalty and associated fees relating to the diamond parcel.