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The Role of the Kimberley Process

Consumer confidence in the integrity of our product and our industry is crucial

Given the ‘emotional’ value placed on diamonds and the way they are used to celebrate life’s most important occasions, consumer confidence in the integrity of the product and the industry is crucial.

The Kimberley Process was adopted in 2003, following an unprecedented collaboration between governments, non-governmental organisations and industry, who joined together to stem the flow of ‘conflict diamonds’.

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) requires its members to certify rough diamonds as ‘conflict-free and to prevent any ‘conflict diamonds’ from entering the legitimate diamond supply chain. It has virtually eliminated the trade in conflict diamonds – whereas it is estimated that roughly 4% of the world’s supply were conflict diamonds before the Kimberley Process was introduced under the auspices of the United Nations, today that figure is estimated to be just 0.2%.

Petra will only operate in countries which are members of the Kimberley Process and will only sell diamonds that have been mined from Petra-owned operations, thereby providing assurance that 100% of its production is certified as ‘conflict-free’.

Petra monitors and manages each step in the diamond production process to the highest ethical standards: from exploration and mining, through to processing, sorting and finally marketing and sale. The Company is committed to a transparent and equitable sales process and is proud to offer the majority of its production for sale in Johannesburg, thereby contributing to beneficiation in Africa.