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The Natural Diamond Council

The Natural Diamond Council's mission is to educate consumers on the industry and the positive social contribution diamonds make to the world today

In May 2015, Petra became a founder member of the Diamond Producers Association (DPA). On 1 June 2020, the DPA was relaunched as the Natural Diamond Council (NDC), with a new consumer facing identity and digital platform named ‘Only Natural Diamonds’.

The NDC’s six members (De Beers Group, Dominion Diamonds, Lucara Diamond, Petra Diamonds, RZM Murowa, and Rio Tinto) represent approximately 75% of the world’s rough diamond production, with 35 operations in eight countries across four continents. Petra’s Chief Executive represents Petra Diamonds on the NDC board.

The NDC’s objective is to advance the integrity of the modern diamond jewellery industry and inspire, educate and protect the consumer. This will be done by communicating the inherent value and benefits of natural diamonds and the companies supplying them, reinforcing the positive impact of the natural diamond industry by sharing insights, communicating best practices and promoting ethical, social and environmental standards, ensuring clear and accurate information about diamonds and the diamond industry, and by partnering with industry stakeholders for the purpose of driving transparency and trust.

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moments like no other

In September 2020 the NDC launched its first ever global advertising campaign ‘For Moments Like No Other’ and announced actress Ana de Armas as their Global Ambassador.

The campaign is the first celebrity-fronted campaign for the diamond category and the first dedicated to the NDC’s ‘Only Natural Diamonds’ platform. The multi-part campaign celebrates beautiful natural diamond jewellery and its significance across different relationships – love, freedom, friendship and family – for meaningful moments like no other, whether big or small. The campaign ushers in the next chapter for natural diamonds, one that is exciting, energetic, and driven by connection and experience.

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