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Company Information


Which Stock Exchange is Petra Diamonds Limited listed on?

Petra Diamonds is listed on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange.

What is the stock exchange symbol for Petra Diamonds?


When was Petra Diamonds Limited first quoted on the London Stock Exchange?

Petra Diamonds Limited was admitted to trading to AIM on 30 April 1997 with a market capitalisation of £8.75 million at the time. The Company subsequently stepped-up to the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange in December 2011.

Who is the Registrar for Petra Diamonds Limited?

The Petra Diamonds Limited share register is administered by Link Market Services (Jersey) Limited. For enquiries about your shareholding please contact the helpline at Link on:

Tel: UK: 0871 664 0300 (calls cost 12p a minute plus network extras, lines are open 9am-5.30pm Mon-Fri UK time, excluding public holidays in England and Wales)
International: +44 208 639 3399

Or write to the Registrars at:

Link Market Services (Jersey) Limited
First Floor
The Esplanade
St Helier
Jersey JE2 3BY


When did the Company merge with Crown Diamonds NL?

AIM-quoted Petra Diamonds Limited merged with ASX-quoted Crown Diamonds NL in March 2005. Further to the merger, Petra was dual-listed on AIM and the ASX until March 2007, when the Company delisted from the ASX.

How can I obtain a copy of the Annual Report and Accounts?

You can download an electronic copy of the latest Annual Report and Accounts here. To request a hard copy, please contact the Investor Relations department in the London office on:
Tel: +44 20 7494 8203

When are the Petra Diamonds annual and interim results announced?

Petra Diamonds’ year-end is 30 June. The annual results are usually announced in late September and the interim results are announced in late February.

For the next announcement date, access the Financial & Events Calendar. To access past Interim and Preliminary reports visit the results archive.

Shareholder Information


How can I contact your registrars?

You can contact Link using the below contact details:

UK: 0871 664 0300 (calls cost 12p a minute plus network extras, lines are open 9am-5.30pm Mon-Fri UK time, excluding public holidays in England and Wales)
International: +44 (0) 371 664 0300

Alternatively, you may find the information you require on the online share portal:

As a South African citizen, can I invest in Petra Diamonds?

Petra Diamonds Limited is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and is not dual listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, as such shares cannot be acquired in Rand in South Africa, but will need to be acquired via the LSE. Petra Diamonds welcomes the purchase of Petra shares by South Africans, and as a South African citizen the process of acquiring shares is best facilitated by discussing directly with your broker and enquiring as to whether they have an offshore trading platform or affiliated offshore broker who can execute the share purchases on the LSE.

The facilitating broker will typically look to ensure that, contingent on the underlying investor’s specific circumstances, the appropriate South African Reserve Bank and South African Revenue Services documentation and approvals are in place and that compliance with offshore investing allowances is in order.

How do I access the online Petra Shareholder Portal and what services does this provide?

Petra has a Shareholder Portal in place, where you can access your holding online, as well as a host of other services. To access the Shareholder Portal, visit and select ‘Account Registration’ and then follow the on-screen instructions by inputting your surname, your Investor Code (available on your share certificate; alternatively you can ask Link Market Services (Jersey) Limited to send this to you) and your postcode, as well as entering an email address and selecting a password.

The Shareholder Portal allows you to securely access your holding online at your own convenience whenever and wherever you want. It also provides access to a full range of online services, including:

  • View your holding, indicative price and valuation
  • View movements on your holding
  • Register and change bank mandate instructions
  • Change postal address
  • Register and change your email address
  • Sign up to receive e-Communications
  • Access the online proxy voting service
  • Buy and sell shares online
  • Download and print shareholder forms

How do I buy/sell shares?

In order to buy shares, or sell some or all of your shares, you need to contact a stockbroker or share-dealing service. As well as specialist stockbrokers, most high street banks and a number of building societies offer share-dealing services.

The London Stock Exchange provides a ‘locate a broker’ facility on its website, which gives details of a number of companies offering share dealing services. For more information, please visit the private investors section:

Share dealing services may be telephone, postal or internet based and commission rates can vary considerably. Before selling shares, you should ensure that you have the related share certificate(s).

If you are selling shares which are registered in a nominee name, rather than your own name, you need to contact the nominee to make arrangements to sell the shares.

How do I transfer my shares?

You need to complete a stock transfer form and send it to Capita (IRG) Limited, together with your share certificate and a nationality declaration form completed by the person to whom you are transferring the shares.

Download a stock transfer form

Do Shareholders have to pay stamp duty on the transfer of their shares?

In Petra’s case, there is no duty payable on a transfer of Petra Diamonds Limited shares due to the fact that our register is held in Jersey.

How can I find out how many Petra Diamonds shares I hold?

You should contact Link Market Services (Jersey) Limited, who can provide you with the relevant details. Alternatively, log into the online Shareholder Portal at

I have changed my address – who do I notify?

You should notify Link Market Services (Jersey) Limited either by telephone, by filling in and posting a change of address form, or by writing and confirming your full name, your old address and your new address. Please quote your shareholder reference, if possible, which can be found on your share certificate(s). Alternatively, log into the Shareholder Portal at and update your contact details online.

Download a change of address form

I have changed my name – what should I do?

You should send a copy of the relevant marriage certificate or change of name deed poll to Link Market Services (Jersey) Limited, together with your share certificates.

I have lost my share certificate – what should I do?

You should contact Link Market Services (Jersey) Limited who can issue a replacement certificate. The Registrars will charge an administrative fee for issuing a replacement and, depending on the number of shares involved, there may also be an indemnity charge to pay.

How do I register the death of a shareholder?

You should contact Link Market Services (Jersey) Limited in the first instance who will arrange to send you the relevant forms for completion. In order to have the shares transferred, you will normally need to provide the Registrars with a court sealed copy of the Grant of Representation and a completed Stock Transfer Form.

A Grant of Representation from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are accepted. A Grant of Representation issued by a Commonwealth country/territory or the Republic of South Africa will also be accepted, as long as it had been resealed in England by the High Court of Justice. For all other countries (including Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man and Channel Islands), a UK Grant of Representation sealed by the High Court of Justice is required.

If, however, the market value of the shares is less than £10,000, and the overall value of the estate is less than the inheritance tax threshold, it may be possible to use a special small estates procedure. Please contact Link Market Services (Jersey) Limited for the relevant forms.

Can I check my shareholding on-line?

Yes, shareholders can administer their shareholding by visiting the Link Shareholder Portal and following the instructions provided.

Where do I find my shareholder reference number?

You’ll find your shareholder reference number quoted on any correspondence you have received from Link Market Services (Jersey) Limited, such as share certificates or proxy forms.

Can I receive electronic communications?

Yes. At Petra’s AGM held on 10 January 2011, shareholders passed a resolution to allow the Company to use electronic means and its website to send or supply statutory documents and communications to shareholders, such as its Annual Report and Accounts.

To register to receive electronic communications, please register your email address via the Shareholder Portal at Alternatively contact Link Market Services (Jersey) Limited to inform them of your preference.

I have an old Crown Diamonds share certificate. Is it still valid?

Your shares will now be held on Petra’s LSE share register and can only be traded on the LSE. Each shareholder in Crown was given one Petra share for every eight Crown shares held. Please contact Link Market Services (Jersey) Limited in order to confirm your current shareholding.

Does Petra Diamonds Limited have a dividend policy?

In the last few years, the Company’s debt level became higher than anticipated, culminating in the need for a capital restructuring and debt for equity swap that completed in March 2021.

Since this time, the Company’s debt level has reduced considerably, aided by strong operational performance, the sale of exceptional diamonds and the buoyant diamond market. This has transformed the Company’s balance sheet and places Petra on a sustainable footing for the future. However, the financing agreement with our bondholders contains certain restrictions on dividend payments, which Petra must be in a position to comply with before declaring a dividend.


Can I hold Petra shares in a Stocks and Shares ISA?

A Stocks and Shares ISA enables you to invest your money in the stock market, rather than simply saving it. You can invest your money into the shares of any company officially listed on a recognised stock exchange anywhere in the world. Petra Diamonds holds a premium listing on the Official List of the London Stock Exchange, therefore you are able to hold Petra shares in a Stocks and Shares ISA. The tax efficiency of the ISA is dependent on your individual circumstances. For more information, please review

I hold my Petra shares through a nominee account, am I eligible to attend the AGM?

Yes, although you will need to bring a letter of representation from your nominee confirming your share holding. We would recommend that your nominee emails a copy of this letter to our registrars, Link, in advance so that the wording can be checked.

Please see details of the AGM here.