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Our Purpose & Values

our Purpose

We believe that Earth’s rare and precious legacy can, through responsible mining, create abundant outcomes for our people, communities, investors, customers and all other stakeholders, giving expression to life’s special moments

  • Abundance for our people in realising their full potential to deliver extraordinary outcomes
  • Abundance for our communities through partnering to provide enduring benefit for future generations
  • Abundance for our investors in generating sustainable returns
  • Abundance for our customers in celebrating love, friendship and life’s achievement


Developing our culture and Formula for Success

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This inclusive process aims to identify the culture we need to reflect our ambitions, and to bring about a Formula for Success which is relevant for everyone in Petra.

Our values define the way in which we work – underpinning our culture in a practical sense, adding to all the spheres in which we operate and benefiting all our stakeholders.


Let's do no harm

Petra considers the health and safety of its employees, and care for the environment, as its top priorities. Management’s focus on a zero harm environment requires a zero tolerance approach for any action that results in potential injury to employees.

Let's make a difference

Petra strives to make a real contribution to the ‘triple bottom line’ (people, profit and planet). This includes enhancing its local environment to the benefit of employees and communities. The Company achieves this through various initiatives, which aim to stimulate local socio-economic development, as well as by upholding high standards of environmental stewardship.

Let’s do it right

Petra places a high priority on ethical conduct. The Company believes in the responsible mining and sale of its diamonds, and will only operate in countries which are members of the Kimberley Process. As a legitimate diamond miner with operations in South Africa and Tanzania 100% of Petra’s production is fully traceable and conflict free.

Let's take control

Petra believes that employees who are empowered and accountable for their actions work to the best of their ability, and the Company has fostered a culture whereby innovation and creativity in the workplace are encouraged and rewarded. We believe that no one knows our operations better than our own employees and the Company looks to leverage its internal skills base wherever possible.

Let's do it better

Petra strives to generate efficiencies at its operations and applies a ‘back-to-basics’ approach in order to review and assess areas for improvement at all times; key focus areas are power and water usage, security and effective use of labour. We promote a culture of continuous improvement, in which change is embraced and seen as an opportunity. Using past experience to improve future performance is integral to the Company’s success.