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Our Strategy

Stabilising and optimising our portfolio

Our value led growth strategy

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Our Strategic Objectives:


Current operations

How we achieve this:

Our immediate focus is on maximising value from current operations. This means safe and reliable production at our existing mines, while pursuing continuous improvements to enhance margins. We have also approved projects at Cullinan Mine and Finsch to extend current operations to 2031 and 2030, respectively.

Brownfield organic expansion projects:

How we achieve this:

Given our large resource base, we will continue to develop life of mine extension plans beyond 2030. Our orebodies are well understood and we believe we can continue to extract significant future value from these assets.


Inorganic and corporate opportunities:

How we achieve this:

We will look to grow outside our current portfolio and consider value-accretive assets or corporate level opportunities. Our primary focus is producing or near-producing kimberlites in Africa, however, on an opportunistic basis, we would also consider opportunities in commodities that provide exposure to adjacent or synergistic revenue streams to diamonds, and/or opportunities where we can extract value through leveraging our key strengths.


Our strategy is firmly underpinned by our focus on safety and sustainability, and decisions are taken with the long-term success of the business in mind.

Frameworks  underpinning our strategy



Our Operating Model

Our Operating Model is structured to facilitate the provision of services to our operations. Structure and oversight is provided by Group and the execution-focused support comes from the specific functions within Petra. This simple Operating Model provides clear accountability and authority, with the appropriate number of organisational layers to ensure the right work is done at the right levels, empowering people to deliver on the Company’s strategy. This Operating Model positions us to integrate future assets into our business, allowing for synergies, standardisation and scale benefits to be unlocked.

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Our capital allocation framework

We apply a well-structured capital allocation framework that ensures the long-term stability of the business, while also allowing for a balanced approach to discretionary capital allocation.

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Our Sustainability Framework

We have developed a systematic Sustainability Framework, based on the four pillars of People, Partnerships, Planet and Production. This will not only help us in day-to-day business decision-making but will also ensure that the execution of our strategy is in line with our sustainability targets. This approach means that new projects and initiatives will contribute towards our sustainability ambitions while creating value for stakeholders, and thus ensure Petra continues to be a responsible corporate entity.

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Our new culture and Formula for Success

Our new culture and Formula for Success The application of our strategy is underpinned by our culture reset and we refreshed those elements of our organisation that are critical for enabling a sustainable long-term future. This includes a redefined purpose and a Formula for Success that we have developed through a Group-wide inclusive and iterative process.

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Sales and marketing capabilities

Diamond mining at scale

Partnering credibility

Agile, entrepreneurial mindset

Bulk mining skills

Experience operating in challenging environments

Established in the African mining ecosystem

Identifying and turning around assets