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Our Strategy

Consistent delivery of our strategic targets

Through our strong and responsible leadership, we are investing in the expansion and optimisation of our world-class assets in order to deliver significantly increased production, revenue and cashflow in the years to come.

Underpinning our strategy is a focus on safety and sustainability, thereby driving value for all stakeholders.

Our Strategic Objectives:


Work responsibly Committed to responsible development

How we achieve this:

  • Strive for a zero harm workplace
  • Foster a dynamic company culture in which employees are encouraged to fulfil their true potential
  • Develop strong relationships with our stakeholders to support our licence to operate
  • Protect and enhance our environment
  • Uphold the high value placed on diamonds
  • Strive to go beyond compliance by meeting and/or exceeding best practice


Business rationalisation Positioning Petra for a successful and sustainable future

How we achieve this:

  • Ensure we have the right people and skills in place, including appropriate Board and management structures
  • Achieve annual production targets, with Petra setting guidance for two years
  • Manage ROM grade and product mix volatility according to the current phase of our expansion and production programmes
  • Deleverage the business in line with specified target
  • Improve financial performance through optimised production and resultant cashflows, enabling the reduction of interest-bearing debt and opportunities for returns to shareholders
  • Continued optimisation of portfolio


Optimise recoveries Improving operating margins at each mine

How we achieve this:

  • Apply the expertise of Petra’s team, which has long-term experience in the management of diamond mining operations
  • Commit the necessary investment in order to extend the lives of our assets
  • Maintain robust balance sheet and financial discipline
  • Prioritise ‘value’ over ‘volume’ production via optimal plant processes
  • Empower our operational management and employees
  • Approach Capex in a phased way to achieve lower capital intensity


Drive efficiencies Maintaining a culture of effective cost control

How we achieve this:

  • Decentralise operations, enhance management structures and share services across mines
  • Maintain disciplined cost control on mine and efficient central overhead structure
  • Drive efficiencies, particularly in terms of the usage of energy, water and labour
  • Upgrade and simplify ore-handling systems
  • Use new technology where appropriate to drive improvements


Underpinning our strategy:


World-class assets

  • Focus on assets with potential for significant production, operating margin, diamond resources and remaining mine life
  • Assets with robust economics can withstand fluctuations in both diamond prices and the capital markets
  • Good infrastructure at local and national level supports our operations

Outstanding leadership

  • An industry-leading team with a consistent strategy, performance and track record
  • Deep understanding of our industry – Petra’s experience and knowledge of the specialist diamond market has helped shape the company’s strategy
  • Extensive in-house operational capabilities covering the full diamond mining spectrum – exploration, development, production, expansion, processing, sorting, marketing and sales – backed up by an effective corporate team
  • Appropriate and robust risk management framework
  • Effective and evolving governance policies in line with the growth of our business

Strategic Objectives