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Boodles Partnership

New partnership taps into the rich history and heritage of the Cullinan Mine

Petra and sixth generation British luxury jeweller Boodles have entered into a partnership to bring diamonds from the famed Cullinan Mine directly to market, ensuring ethical provenance at every step of the journey from South Africa to London.

The Cullinan Mine holds a special place in the history of diamonds as it is the source of some of the most spectacular gems the world has ever seen, including the 3,106 carat Cullinan diamond which went on to form the Great Star of Africa and the Lesser Star of Africa, the two largest diamonds in the British Crown Jewels. It is also the only reliable source of very rare and precious blue diamonds.

This new partnership will see Boodles selecting and cutting top quality diamonds to be set in unique and characterful designs, which complement the individual personality and heritage of diamonds from the Cullinan Mine.

See their latest collection of diamonds sourced from the Cullinan Diamond Mine here:

“I am looking for character stones…a stone that I can talk from the heart about” – Boodles Director of precious Gemstones, Jody Wainwright

While the partnership allows Boodles customers to hold their own piece of diamond history, it also addresses the growing desire for consumers to know the origins of their jewels, by guaranteeing an ethical supply chain. Each piece of jewellery in the collection will be marked with the letter C to confirm its very special pedigree.

Read more about the partnership with Boodles.

Boodles Jewels from the Cullinan mine


The Gemini Bow Ring

The Gemini Bow Ring marks the spectacular launch of the partnership and is set with two important Victorian emerald cut diamonds from the legendary Cullinan mine.