Leadership Development Programme

LDP graduates from Finsch

developing future leaders – PETRA’s leadership development programme

Petra’s leadership development programme (LDP) is an important strategic tool used to assist the organisation in the identification and development of employees who display the potential to fulfil future leadership positions. The LDP consists of various elements such as classroom learning, mentoring, coaching and formal technical training in order to ensure that the graduates can effectively fulfil future leadership roles at Petra.

The success of this programme is evident in the career progression witnessed amongst participants.

Kagiso Molefe is an example of what LDP graduates can achieve. He was a semi-skilled worker in the mining department when he commenced the LDP and has since successfully progressed to the level of Mining Overseer. As part of the downscaling and retrenchment process at the Helam Mine, Kagiso was transferred to Kimberley Underground, where he now also serves as a mentor for current programme candidates.

Kagiso commented: “The LDP was the best thing that ever happened to me. I will always encourage everyone to be on the LDP if given the opportunity.”

Ndiyhuho Makherana, an Engineering Intern at Kimberley Underground, completed the LDP as part of her internship programme and is set to be appointed as an Engineer on completion of this internship. Ndiyhuho commented: “The LDP contributed to my career advancement and I really gained a lot from it. I have been applying the knowledge that I gained from the LDP whilst running some projects at our plant and acting as Foreman.”

A total of 40 individuals graduated from the programme in the 12 months ended 30 June 2015. Congratulations to all of our future leaders!