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Health Awareness

World Tuberculosis (“TB”) Day

Health awareness – World Tuberculosis (“TB”) Day

Koffiefontein partnered with the South African Department of Health to observe World Tuberculosis Day on 24 March 2017. This provided the perfect opportunity to inform the local community about the disease and to raise awareness of TB prevention and care efforts.

The theme of the day was: ‘Find TB, cure TB, working together to eliminate TB’. The open day saw good attendance, with over 100 employees and members of the community making use of the opportunity for testing and screening.

In addition to this, it provided the valuable chance to carry out team building, with netball games being organised. The ladies from management took on the organised labour team in a game resulting in an 11-7 victory to the labour side.

The open day was a huge success and Koffiefontein looks forward to working with the Department of Health again.