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Reserves & Resources

We manage a world-class resource of ca. 227 million carats

Petra Diamonds Limited (“Petra” or the “Company” or the “Group”) manages one of the world’s largest diamond Resources of ca. 227 million carats (“Mcts”). This major Resource implies that the potential mine lives of Petra’s core assets could be considerably longer than the current mine plans in place at each operation, or could support higher production rates.

Gross Resources

As at 30 June 2022 the Group’s gross diamond resources (inclusive of reserves) decreased 2% to 226.60 Mcts (30 June 2020: 230.54 Mcts), predominantly due to depletions at all mining assets further to ore mined in FY 2022.

Gross Reserves

The Group’s gross diamond reserves decreased 10% to 29.97 Mcts (30 June 2021: 33.33 Mcts) in FY 2022, primarily due to mining depletions, with minor changes in mine plans and Williamson remaining on care and maintenance until August 2021.


Summary of Gross Reserves and Resources

The following table summarises the gross Reserves and Resources status of the combined Petra Group operations as at 30 June 2022.

Category Tonnes (millions) Grade (cpht) Contained Diamonds (Mcts)
Probable 103.6 28.9 29.97
Sub-total 103.6 28.9 29.97
Indicated 321.9 47.1 151.59
Inferred 1288.2 5.8 75.01
Sub-total 1,610.1 14.1 226.60


Download the Company’s 2022 Resource Statement

Key Facts

  • ca. 227 Mcts Resource: largest outside the majors
  • 29.97 Mcts Reserves