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Fixed Income Investors

Petra has total bond debt of US$210.2 million due in March 2026.

Outstanding Bond


Issue size US$210 million
Coupon 9 March 2021 to 31 December 2022: PIK interest of 10.50%
1 January 2023 to 30 June 2023: PIK interest of 10.50% pa on 37.7778% of the aggregate principal amount of the Notes and cash pay interest accrues at a rate of 9.75% pa on 62.2222% of the aggregate principal amount of the Notes
1 July 2023 to maturity: cash pay interest of 9.75%
Final PIK Factor = 1.227533
Listing Listed on the Irish Stock Exchange and admitted to trading on the Global Exchange Market
Issuance Date 09 March 2021
Date of Maturity 08 March 2026
Issuer Petra Diamonds US$ Treasury Plc
Guarantor Petra Diamonds Limited, plus various subsidiaries (excluding Williamson Diamonds Limited)

Corporate Ratings


Petra’s current credit ratings from Moody’s and  Standard & Poor’s are shown in the table below:

Agency Company Rating Notes Rating Outlook
Moody’s B3 B3 Stable
Standard & Poor’s B B Stable

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