Corporate profile

Corporate profile

Petra Diamonds (“Petra”) is a leading independent diamond mining group and an increasingly important supplier of rough diamonds to the international market.

The Company offers a unique growth profile within the diamond sector, with a core objective to double annual production from just over one million carats in the year to June 2010 to over two million carats by FY2013 and more than treble production to over three million carats by FY2017. Beyond this target, the Group’s major resource base of 262 million carats provides scope for further organic growth going forward.

Petra has a well-diversified portfolio, with controlling interests in seven producing mines: six in South Africa (Cullinan, Koffiefontein, Kimberley Underground, Helam, Sedibeng and Star) and one in Tanzania (Williamson). Petra is also operating an exploration programme in Botswana. The team has managed producing diamond mines for the last 20 years and has developed an enviable track record in terms of delivering superior results from their asset base.

Petra conducts all its operations according to the highest ethical standards, and will only work in countries which are members of the Kimberley Process. The Company is quoted on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange (AIM: PDL).

The Group has corporate offices in Jersey, London and Johannesburg.

World-class mining assets

South Africa assets map

1. South Africa

Cullinan (74% interest)

  • Source of spectacular gem diamonds, including the 'Cullinan’ (world’s largest at 3,106 carats) - only reliable source of very rare and valuable blue diamonds
  • Underground kimberlite pipe mine, currently at depth of 747 metres
  • World’s second largest indicated diamond resource of 181.4 million carats (total resource base of 203.3 million carats including tailings)
  • FY2010 production: 927,931 carats
  • Employed 928 people in FY2010 (all employees, no contractors)
  • Partners: Thembinkosi Mining Investment (Pty) Ltd (14%), Petra Diamonds Employee Share Trust (12%)

Koffiefontein (74% interest)

  • One of the world’s top kimberlite diamond mines by average value per carat - produces exceptional white and coloured diamonds, particularly pinks
  • Underground kimberlite pipe mine currently at depth of 490 metres
  • Resource of 5.7 million carats
  • FY2010 production: 60,260 carats
  • Employed 510 people in FY2010 (all employees, no contractors)
  • Partner: Re-Teng Diamonds (Pty) Ltd (30%*)

* Petra has a further 4% interest in the Koffiefontein Mine Unincorporated JV via its 13.33% shareholding in Re Teng Diamonds (Pty) Ltd (held by Petra’s wholly owned subsidiary Blue diamond Mines (Pty) Ltd), taking its total interest in the Koffiefontein Mine Unincorporated JV to 74%

Kimberley Underground (74% interest)

  • Historic source of large diamonds and fancy yellows
  • Underground kimberlite mines between 845 metres and 995 metres deep
  • Resource of 7.5 million carats
  • FY2010 production: 1,362 carats (acquisition completed by Petra in May 2010)
  • Employed 447 people in FY2010 (all employees, no contractors)
  • Partner: Sedibeng Mining (Pry) Ltd (26%)

Fissure mines – Helam (100% interest), Sedibeng (74.5% interest) and Star (74% interest)

  • Petra is a world leader in specialist underground kimberlite fissure mining
  • Underground fissure mines between 600 and 750 metres deep
  • Resource of 4.7 million carats
  • FY2010 production: 74,232 carats
  • Employed 1,119 people in FY2010 (1,118 employees, 1 contractor)
  • Partner in Star: Sedibeng Mining (Pty) Ltd (24%)
  • Partners in Sedibeng: (Sedibeng Mining (Pty) Ltd and Bokone Properties (Pty) Ltd (25.5%)

2. Tanzania

Tanzania assets map

Williamson (75% interest)

  • Tanzania’s most important diamond operation - renowned for high value diamonds and 'bubblegum' pinks
  • Opencast operation at 90 metres (deepest point)
  • Major resource of 40.0 million carats
  • FY2010 production: 101,071 carats (as part of bulk sampling operation)
  • Employed 1,246 people in FY2010 (591 employees, 655 contractors)
  • Partner: Government of the United Republic of Tanzania (25%)

3. Botswana

Kalahari Diamonds (100% interest)

  • Current landholding of approximately 44,000km2 of prospective exploration ground, all 'on craton'
  • Employed 16 people in FY2010 (8 employees, 8 contractors)

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